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From the rising of the sun to the going down of it and from east to west, the name of the Lord is to be praised!
- Psalm 113:3

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  • History of Marasigan Solar Power Water Pump

On May 17, 2021, Mr. Jerome Marasigan launched Marasigan MPJ Solar Panel and Equipment Store. Here is the rest of the story of our humble beginnings. We see today's outcome as a tremendous victory after yesterday's struggle. Starting a business may make you both a loser and a winner but it's the dedication that will keep you going. Yes, we started off with nothing but faith, no office, no car to utilize, no enough capital. With the expertise and experience we have with our products, we only expect nothing but success. It increased our passion for giving our cherished clients excellent service till new customers were available. We were eager to assist our farmers by providing them abundance of water using our solar-powered water pump. Currently, both remote areas and residential areas are being sustained. Success will come as a result of having faith in the process and timing.

  • About Solar Power Water Pump

Solar is more than simply a sustainable energy source; it's also practical, low-maintenance, and able to take you off the grid even in the most remote areas.

In rural places, there are often two alternatives available to land users: either use a fuel-powered pump to draw water from a nearby river or pond, or run an electric well pump utilizing a far-off grid.

When new power lines need to be installed, connecting to the grid can be expensive, which results in ongoing use charges.

Similarly, maintaining pump systems that are driven by gasoline or diesel can be prohibitively expensive, require frequent refilling, and be expensive.

If you want to give your yard a fountain or power your irrigation system without electricity, solar power makes pumps much easier to install, operate, and utilize.

  • Mission

To provide sustainable solar-powered water that is both environmentally and humanely beneficial.

  • Vision

As a result of our excellent products and services, we'll be globally water sufficient and has a healthier environment.

Why Choose Marasigan Solar Water Pump?

We provide exceptional, strong, enduring, and trustworthy goods and services. You will receive great services from a team player personnel both before and after your purchase. able to produce and deliver goods above your expectations. High grade materials yet affordable among all comparable products.

100% Energy Saving

Electricity free (lower monthly utility bills are major incentives for going solar) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change, which is critical to protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems.

Premium Advantage of Solar Water Pump

Solar water pumps are powered by solar panels. Once you have the panel, all the energy you need comes from the sun and is completely free!

Positive client feedbacks

Provided exceptional services and received a massive number of positive client feedbacks.


What Are They Saying About Us

The staff was very professional and made me feel at ease and comfortable. They are also very responsive to my questions and offers great service and quality products. I Highly recommend this company for being responsible and for making sure the products are all in perfect condition.

A great job. Very simple. Both economic and environmentally friendly to run. Would recommend this product to everyone.

Great system for pumping water for our farm with no electricity.

Excellent service and excellent products.

This is an excellent product and we have no hesitation in recommending purchasing it.


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